Dräger receives double design award for medical devices

12 March 2009

Two Dräger products have received the iF product design award in 2009: the Ponta beam system and the Infinity C700 for IT workstation.

The iF product design award is one of the most important design competitions worldwide. The committee’s criteria include: quality of composition, workmanship, material selection, degree of innovation, environmental sustainability, functionality, ergonomics and safety. Features such as these reflect the fundamental requirements of today's hospital sector for medical devices.

A total of 2,808 products from 39 countries were submitted. The international selection committee awarded 802 labels for superior product design. These two medical devices were among the first Dräger products developed according to the company’s current design guidelines.

The iF Industrie Forum Design e.V. in Hannover recognized the Dräger Ponta and Infinity C700 for IT for their innovative product design in the category 'Medicine/Health + Care'.

The ceiling-mounted supply unit Ponta integrates not only extraction points for gas, electricity and IT connections, but also dimmable light sources. Based upon different requirements; monitors, infusion pumps and consoles at intensive care workstations can be attached in various ways and moved around on trolleys.

The Infinity C700, the cornerstone of Dräger's Omega widescreen solution, is a medical-grade workstation that combines an industry-standard CPU with a 20" wide touchscreen colour display that makes information easy to see, even from a distance. The fan-free design lowers noise and dust levels, and the optional rotary knob provides navigation in addition to the touchscreen.

Design in focus

Introduced in 2006, the Dräger Industrial Design Manual played a decisive role in the development of these two products. Among other things, it establishes rules for characteristics such as colour, shape, labelling and choice of materials used for Dräger medical products. The goal is to achieve a distinct company-specific shape common to all Dräger products at a medical workplace.

In addition to the manual, teamwork and international co-ordination were key factors in the design and realization of the Ponta beam system and the Infinity C700 for IT. The development of the Infinity C700 for IT was the result of a close collaboration between Dräger development teams in Lübeck and Andover, Massachusetts (USA) and the design agency Corpus-C.

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