Varian receives European approval for proton therapy system

22 February 2009

Varian Medical Systems (NYSE:VAR) has received the CE mark for its Proton Therapy System, which is designed to help doctors to improve treatments and outcomes in many cancer cases.  With proton therapy, doctors can use higher doses of radiation to control and manage tumours while significantly reducing damage to healthy tissue and vital organs.

"CE mark is an important milestone in Varian’s initiative to develop and market a compact system capable of intensity-modulated proton therapy in single- or multi-room facilities,” said Lester Boeh, vice president of emerging businesses for the company.

“This is a clear demonstration of our ongoing commitment to provide the cancer treatment community and its patients with a clinically practical and commercially viable proton therapy system that meets accepted safety standards for medical equipment.” 

The CE mark makes it possible for cancer treatment centres to begin ordering, installing, and using the Varian Proton Therapy System in regions where CE mark is required without having to obtain a site-specific clearance to use this important technology.

“Varian is actively marketing the Varian Proton Therapy System, and institutions from all parts of the world are pursuing this promising technology for cancer patients in their regions,” Boeh said.

Through research and development and the acquisition of ACCEL in Germany during 2007, Varian has developed a comprehensive proton therapy system that utilizes the company’s technology for particle beam generation, treatment planning, imaging, motion management, and information management technology. 

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