Sysmex in agreement to distribute AdnaGen cancer diagnostic tests in Europe

10 February 2009

Sysmex Europe GmbH and AdnaGen AG have entered into a non-exclusive European distribution agreement for AdnaGen proprietary CE-certified diagnostics as well as their research use only (RUO) products. The tests are based on the capture of circulating tumour cells (CTCs) from blood and subsequent detection and profiling of tumour markers.

Cancer diagnostics is an evolving and rapidly growing segment of in-vitro diagnostics. Following cardiovascular disorders, cancer is the second most deadly condition, affecting over 25 million people worldwide, with more than 10 million new cases diagnosed annually. There is a need for improved diagnostics capable of enabling earlier diagnosis and guiding better disease treatment and management.

The AdnaTest diagnostic and analytical products for breast and colon cancer are aimed at improving cancer prognosis and patient management. The tests are based on immunomagnetic selection of tumour cells from blood followed by detection of tumour-specific markers using RT-PCR amplification techniques. An advantage of the proprietary AdnaGen tests is versatility; the detection of a broad range of molecular biomarkers is possible enabling rapid application to new diseases and targeted drug development.

The AdnaTest addresses several clinical needs including: Improvement of determination of disease prognosis, providing insight into which drug targets may be present on metastases, giving rapid feedback on which therapies are providing the desired clinical benefit as well as early detection of disease recurrence.

Alexander L. Weis, PhD, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AdnaGen commented, “AdnaGen is very excited about its new relationship with Sysmex. We believe that the combination of the advantages provided by our AdnaGen products and the impressive distribution network of Sysmex will greatly accelerate the commercialization of our products and the reach of Sysmex in the oncology diagnostic and analytical marketplace.”

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