Navigenics launches portal to give doctors access to patients' genomic information

10 February 2009

Navigenics, a US personal genomics testing company, has developed an online portal that allows doctors to access the genomic information of consenting patients.

For patients choosing to receive a Navigenics service through their physician, this portal allows the physician to integrate patients’ genetic information into personalized health plans designed to help diagnose early or prevent a number of health conditions.

Accessible through Navigenics’ website, the secure portal empowers physicians with a suite of tools including a single access point to all of their participating patients’ genomic information, along with learning tools and case studies for integrating genomic information into their clinical practice.

Navigenics also announced that it has expanded its portfolio of DNA testing services by offering a new service that provides a lower cost of entry into genetic health. Called Navigenics Annual Insight, the new service is available for US$499 and mirrors many of the hallmarks of the company’s flagship product, Navigenics Health Compass, and provides information on an individual’s genetic predisposition for common preventable health conditions.

Physician portal

Navigenics has developed the ability for physicians, with the approval of their patients, to receive and easily review patient genetic results online, with easy access to condition information, action steps, and original scientific research. Access to the physician portal is free to physicians who register their practices.

“We believe that genetic information has the potential to have a profound impact in enhancing patients’ lives,” said Vance Vanier, MD, Navigenics Chief Medical Officer. “Because an individual’s primary physician is the most important partner in maintaining good health and preventing disease, we have made it a top priority to develop tools and resources that can make it easier for a doctor to integrate genomic medicine into their practice.”

In order to foster adoption of genetic information into the practice of medicine, Navigenics has entered into research studies and collaborations with various organizations, including the American College of Preventive Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, The Mayo Clinic, MDVIP and Scripps Translational Science Institute.

Annual Insight Service

Navigenics’ Annual Insight service analyzes an individual’s genetic predisposition for ten common health conditions (nine each for men and women), including breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and heart disease. The service, which costs US$499, will be available to consumers through participating healthcare providers or directly from the Navigenics website with genetic counselor support.

The Navigenics Annual Insight service uses the same stringent scientific and clinical criteria as Navigenics Health Compass, as well as a CLIA-certified laboratory. The results are delivered to individuals, or, if they choose, their healthcare providers, through a secure website that includes information to help individuals take steps to detect conditions early, reduce their effects or prevent them entirely. The Navigenics Annual Insight service also includes one hour of consultation time with a Navigenics’ board-certified Genetic Counselor to help explain results and provide additional support.

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