BioGenes designated partner in EU-funded dementia project

4 February 2009

Berlin-based BioGenes GmbH, a specialist in sophisticated antibody development, has been chosen as a new partner of cNEUPRO. cNEUPRO is a EU-funded research project to analyse neurodegenerative diseases and discover novel biomarkers, and so improve early and differential diagnosis of Alzheimer’s dementia.

BioGenes will provide laboratory facilities and key personnel to develop specific monoclonal antibodies against novel neurochemical dementia biomarkers in blood and cerebrospinal fluid that have been identified during the project. These monoclonal antibodies may not only be used for diagnostics, but also have potential as therapeutic agents since they may access the CNS space.

Reliable differential clinical diagnosis of very early dementia stages is crucial for choosing the most effective therapeutic strategy. Recent research has demonstrated that multiparametric neurochemical dementia diagnostics (NDD) in cerebrospinal fluid does improve early and differential diagnosis of dementias.

cNEUPRO will establish European standard operation procedures (SOPs) for NDD and first NDD reference centres in Portugal and Hungary. cNEUPRO unites the forces of nineteen biotech and bioinformatic companies as well as leading clinical and proteomic dementia research centres.

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