Touch Bionics introduces next generation i-LIMB prosthetic skin

4 February 2009

Touch Bionics, developer of the world’s first multi-articulating bionic hand, has released a the new version of its i-LIMB Skin prosthetic covering. With the new i-LIMB Skin, Touch Bionics has developed a synthetic covering that is a closer reflection of human skin function than has ever before been achieved.

The i-LIMB Hand is a unique prosthetic device that delivers compliant grip, wraparound fingers, thumb movement and palmar grip to upper limb amputees. As a direct response to patient feedback, Touch Bionics developed the i-LIMB Skin to provide a superior grip surface and to protect the hand from dust and moisture.

The product of more than 18 months of research and development in Touch Bionics’ labs, the i-LIMB Skin is a thin layer of highly flexible, injection-moulded material that is computer modelled to fit every contour of the hand.

A unique, internal slip-coating aids movement and offers simpler donning and doffing, and additional silicone at the fingertips gives the skin a greatly increased durability. The i-LIMB Skin is available in a choice of two colour options — black and clear.

"Some patients love the high tech appearance of the uncovered i-LIMB Hand," said Mark Ford, US sales and marketing director, Touch Bionics. "And for these people Touch Bionics has developed the clear version of the i-LIMB Skin, where all the internal workings are on display — it looks truly spectacular."

"We are very excited about the release of the i-LIMB Skin," said Hugh Gill, Director of Technology and Operations, Touch Bionics. "The proprietary slip-coating on the inside provides necessary glide when in contact with the i-LIMB Hand, but without reducing friction and elasticity on the outside."

"The specific silicon mix we use, combined with advanced injection molding techniques, demonstrates yet again Touch Bionics’ commitment to furthering the field of prosthetics and manufacturing technologies," added Gill.

Touch Bionics also provides fully customized aesthetic coverings through its LIVINGSKIN product, which can include nails, veins and freckles that match the sound hand perfectly. The company also continues to offer the 10 colour variations of its off-the-shelf lifelike covering.

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