New website shows benefits of piezofilm technology in diagnostics

31 January 2009

The benefits of using piezofilm detection technology at the Point of Care are described on a new website launched by Vivacta. With the help of informative graphics, the site provides a concise introduction into how this innovative technology enables the creation of fast, simple and highly accurate immunoassay-based near patient diagnostic tests.

The new website also reviews the benefits of basing critical diagnostic measurements on an electrical output as opposed to current optical methods of signal detection, such as photometric, fluorescence and chemiluminescence.

An illustration is also provided showing the simple sequence that leads from taking a 30μm whole blood sample, using Vivacta’s disposable cartridge, right through to final result generation on the portable reader.

Via a link to a published paper, the performance details of Vivacta’s lead assay — a highly sensitive test for TSH — can be accessed from the new website. This serves to give an example of the exceptional performance conferred by the company’s patented piezofilm technology.
The new website can be found at

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