Iris BioTechnologies launches Health Passport for personalized and targeted medicine

28 January 2009

Iris BioTechnologies (OTCBB:IRSB) has launched its proprietary BioWindows 2.0 to further the progress of personalized and targeted medicine.

BioWindows is a HIPAA compliant, web based, medical information storage system that allows participants to grant selective or full sharing capabilities of their confidential medical and lifestyle information to physicians or family members anywhere in the world.

This allows families to build multi-generational medical family trees that will help assure that they receive more personalized care now and in the future — the right medical treatment for the right patient at the right time. Many users of the system consider it their essential 'Medical Passport' as they and their children and grandchildren participate in our increasingly global society.

The other essential tool for personalized medicine is the ability to measure the behaviour of the many genes that are malfunctioning in any particular disease. The major diseases that inflict so much pain and suffering on our population are not caused by the inheritance of faulty genes but by genes malfunctioning over time due to lifestyle and other easily measured factors. The Iris Nano-Biochip platform is designed to clinically measure each patient’s unique genomic profile.

Combining these two tools, BioWindows and the Nano-Biochip, will offer physicians a unique perspective concerning the relationship of a patient’s genes and their lifestyle dynamics, according to Mr. Chin. Armed with this information clinicians can truly personalize their medical treatments raising the quality of our health care system and lowering its cost.

Last month, Iris BioTechnologies was selected, through a competitive screening process, by the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) to present at the Eleventh Annual BIO CEO & Investor Conference in New York on February 9-10, 2009. “We are looking forward to presenting BioWindows 2.0 and our Nano-Biochip technology platform at this major investor conference,” said Mr. Chin, CEO of Iris BioTechnologies.

Alan Eisenberg, executive vice president, Emerging Companies & Business Development at BIO, said, “These leading companies represent the industry’s most promising investment opportunities with late-stage clinical pipelines, well established business strategies or strong M&A potential. Selected companies are also distinguished by significant opportunities for value creation with near-term clinical, regulatory and corporate catalysts that will help to support our industry through the current economic downturn.”

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