PerkinElmer launches new MicroBeta2 microplate counter platform

25 January 2009

PerkinElmer, Inc., has launched its MicroBeta2 microplate counter platform, for enabling improved radiometric and luminescent detection in drug discovery and basic life science research.

The MicroBeta2 and MicroBeta2 LumiJET systems are the latest versions of PerkinElmer’s MicroBeta line and add new and improved capabilities for researchers engaged in all major radiometric and luminescence applications. The MicroBeta2 platform is designed for robust performance with both radiometric and glow luminescent assays.

Sensitive detection is achieved through coincidence counting, for high efficiency and extremely low background for a wide variety of radionuclides. By combining liquid scintillation counter reliability with plate reader simplicity, the system allows significant savings in time and consumables, while reducing waste.

“The newest version of the MicroBeta2 system further provides researchers with an entry path to the benefits of luminescent-based technologies in addressing many potential drug targets,” said Richard M. Eglen, PhD, president, Bio-discovery, PerkinElmer. “Leveraging PerkinElmer’s long leadership in radiometric detection solutions, the MicroBeta2 platform further represents a flexible system for either radiometric detection, or luminescent drug discovery assays.”

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