PerkinElmer launches Operetta high content screening system

12 January 2009

PerkinElmer, Inc., has launched its Operetta system, a benchtop instrument that provides high content screening (HCS) and high content analysis (HCA) capabilities to drug discovery and cellular science research laboratories.

Operetta is an HCS/HCA instrument platform that employs PerkinElmer’s proprietary new Harmony software which provides researchers with easy to use building blocks for creating user configurable workflows via simple step-by-step procedures.

An extensive range of ready-made solutions for frequently used image analysis tasks is pre-installed. Also installed is a scalable database for image management, and data analysis or retrieval. The Harmony software provides tools to develop high content assays, image analysis storage and retrieval, as well as remote access capability.

“The Operetta platform and Harmony software extend PerkinElmer’s portfolio in cellular imaging and bring the benefits of HCS and HCA to almost any life sciences laboratory,” said Richard Eglen, PhD, president, Bio-discovery, PerkinElmer. “Our expertise in cellular imaging provides us with unique insights into common issues encountered in implementing HCS research. We are now providing this critical knowledge to Operetta users, so they can easily and rapidly optimize imaging studies for their cell science research.”

The Operetta instrument is designed to allow maximum functionality in the smallest possible footprint. A large field of view and multi-processor technology facilitates high speed data acquisition and analysis. A wide range of objectives and filters, bar-coded for error-free operation, enables a wide range of assays and plates. This compact design fits almost any size laboratory, allowing a flexible and versatile solution to suit the needs of a cellular imaging research facility.

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