Abbott acquires Ibis Biosciences

12 January 2009

Abbott has exercised its option to purchase the remaining equity ownership in Ibis Biosciences, Inc., an Isis subsidiary, for a closing purchase price of $175 million. In addition to the closing purchase price, Isis will receive earn out payments from Abbott tied to post-closing sales of Ibis systems, including instruments and assay kits.

Earlier in 2008, Abbott invested $40 million in Ibis in exchange for approximately 18.6% of Ibis' outstanding equity. This investment, along with the $175 million that would be due at closing, would result in a total acquisition price of $215 million plus earn out payments. The closing of the acquisition is expected to occur this month.

"Abbott's confidence in Ibis is reflected in its decision to invest in Ibis' technology and to exercise its option to purchase Ibis. We have already presented development plans for the next-generation instrument that will facilitate our rapid growth into clinical diagnostics," said Michael Treble, President of Ibis. "This year we have made substantial progress by advancing our broad pathogen detection and characterization capabilities and establishing a foundation for our commercial clinical diagnostic products. We look forward to continuing this progress."

"The broad applicability of Ibis' technology has been demonstrated in biodefense applications, microbial forensics and infectious disease detection and surveillance, and we believe that it has the potential to be a powerful tool in the detection and surveillance of infectious diseases in the hospital and clinical settings," added Stafford O'Kelly, Vice President, Molecular Diagnostics, Abbott.

"Ibis is an example of Isis' broad innovation, and will provide substantial benefit to our shareholders, both now as well as in the future, as Isis receives earn out payments associated with sales of Ibis products," said Stanley Crooke, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of Isis. "Ibis has refined its approach toward larger commercial markets, and we believe its relationship with Abbott will allow Ibis to continue to move quickly forward along this path."

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