ZOLL gains US clearance for R series code-ready defibrillator with WiFi option

8 January 2009

ZOLL Medical Corporation (Nasdaq GS: ZOLL) has received US FDA clearance for its ZOLL R series code-ready clinical defibrillator with a WiFi option that allows wireless communication between the defibrillator and standard hospital networks to help ensure code-readiness and download patient data.

Based on standard 802.11b WiFi technology, R Series defibrillators equipped with WiFi automatically send an alert when their state of readiness is compromised. Early notification maximizes patient safety by letting the clinician intervene before the defibrillator is needed for a code.

While defibrillators rarely fail, their readiness can be compromised if someone forgets to plug it in, a cable is missing, or the electrodes are old and dried out. With WiFi, when the state of readiness is compromised, a notification identifies the contributing factors and code readiness can be restored with unmatched efficiency by troubleshooting from any PC on the hospital network.

For downloading patient data, the defibrillator summary is an important part of the code, and the R series WiFi capability simplifies merging the summary report with event documentation. At the end of the code, the summary report can be transmitted over a standard wireless network to a server hosting the CodeNet system, where it is merged and time-synchronized with the Event Report documented on CodeNet Writer.

“Since defibrillators are widely distributed throughout hospitals, and their use is both infrequent and extremely critical, ZOLL’s technology helps ensure code readiness when they are needed for a code,” said Richard A. Packer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ZOLL. “Introducing technology that helps clinicians save more lives is what ZOLL is about.”

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