iMDsoft wins clinical data management contract in Norway

20 October 2008

iMDsoft, a US provider of systems for acute care environments, and ErgoGroup, a Nordic information technology services company, have signed a framework agreement with Helse Sør-Øst RHF (South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority) to provide integrated clinical data management services to the Health Trusts and related hospitals in southeast Norway. The value of the project is estimated to be up to 29 million.

With 16 hospital trusts and five private non-profit foundation hospitals, the South-Eastern Regional Health Authority is the largest employer in Norway with about 69,000 employees, offering health services to over half of the Norwegian population.

“This is a valuable and important project for the hospital trusts in our region,” said Steinar Marthinsen Vice President for Helse Sør-Øst RHF.

“With MetaVision, patient information will be readily available to all hospital staff when needed. The fact that patients have the right to choose where to receive treatment has affected us and must be reflected in our work routines: we will therefore establish a core solution. This has not been done on these kinds of systems before, and will thus require close collaboration with the hospital trusts. The core solution will be standardised and ensures equality in assessment and treatment, which is in line with the restructuring process, as well as our information and communication technology strategies.”

Phyllis Gotlib, CEO of iMDsoft, commented: “We are delighted that the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority is entrusting us with the mission-critical and complex task of managing the acute care data for its hospitals.

“I am confident that the MetaVision Suite will enable the authority to achieve the goals it has established for this important project: creating a complete continuum of data across the entire acute care arena; improving care quality for their patients throughout the region; promoting research; and enhancing financial efficiency. We look forward to partnering with the authority in this endeavour.”

The framework agreement follows the ongoing success of three existing iMDsoft installations in hospitals in the region, the first of which, at the Akershus University Hospital in Oslo, has been operational since the year 2000.

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