GE Healthcare and Boston Scientific collaborate on cardiovascular imaging

14 October 2008

GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) and Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE:BSX) have announced a collaboration that enables improved intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) workflow between the GE Healthcare Innova Cardiovascular x-ray system and the Boston Scientific iLab ultrasound imaging system.

The iLab and Innova Systems will both be featured at the October 12-17 Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) Scientific Symposium in Washington, DC.

The Innova x-ray imaging systems provide users with excellent image quality with industry leading dose efficiency. Built on GE's industry leading Innova digital detector, the Innova System helps physicians clearly visualize fine vessels, precisely place stents and successfully perform critical procedures.

Cardiologists in the cardiac cath lab use it when performing procedures to view and treat potential coronary artery blockages that could cause heart attacks or other serious cardiovascular damage. The system is designed to provide cardiologists with more information than ever before, resulting in better diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

"Instilling greater clinical confidence by delivering high performance, reliability and value to our customers is at the core of everything we do," said Jayant Saha, General Manager, Interventional Global Marketing for GE Healthcare. "IVUS has proved to be an important and indispensable diagnostic tool in interventional cardiology. Boston Scientific, a leading IVUS solutions provider, and GE look forward to offering the technological advances in the field of IVUS to our joint customers and the patients they care for."

The Boston Scientific iLab ultrasound imaging system can be directly installed into the cardiac catheterization lab or radiology suite alongside the GE Innova x-ray system, enabling physicians to more readily incorporate IVUS technology into their procedures. With IVUS, a tiny catheter is inserted into the heart or into a vessel where high-frequency sound waves reflect off tissue or vessel walls. The reflected sound waves create a cross-sectional image from within the vessel or heart to aid in visualizing vessel and heart structure. IVUS is an important tool in determining treatment options because it is designed to offer a more complete picture from inside the artery or vessel and helps to optimize stent outcomes.

"Any time two leadership companies like GE Healthcare and Boston Scientific pair together to offer workflow improvements, the patient benefits," said Hank Kucheman, Senior Vice President and Group President of Boston Scientific's Cardiovascular business. "The best technologies in the cardiovascular imaging business just got better and with our continued collaboration, GE Healthcare and Boston Scientific will bring best-in-class patient care to physicians around the world."

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