LIFE Biosystems to deploy TEMIS' clinical text analysis solution Luxid

14 October 2008

TEMIS, a leading provider of text analytics software solutions for the life science industry, announced today that it has entered a strategic software and services agreement with LIFE Biosystems. LIFE Biosystems has chosen TEMIS' acclaimed Luxid for Life Sciences solution to expedite the analysis of clinical and molecular data from diverse textual information sources.

"Structured clinical information is essential to predictive medicine," said Dr. Mathias Goeschl, Head of Text Mining at LIFE Biosystems. "LIFE's commitment to understanding the causative relationship between molecular events and patient outcomes demands an accurate, high-performance solution for the analysis of large-scale bibliographic information. From this perspective, Luxid provides enhanced text mining capabilities to our existing in silico discovery infrastructure and further supports us in generating novel clinical insights and hypotheses."

"We are excited by the synergies created through the integration of Luxid(R) Annotation Factory within LIFE's in silico discovery infrastructure," said Jens Barthelmes, Life Sciences Consultant at TEMIS. "It proves that our Life Science dedicated solution can build upon existing computational infrastructures to provide enhanced analytical and discovery capabilities, by extracting relationships between biomedical entities from text. We are proud to support LIFE Biosystems efforts in this new and exciting field of predictive medicine."

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