NextBio search engine for life sciences shows rapid growth in users

10 October 2008

NextBio, a life sciences search engine that enables researchers and clinicians to search and correlate public scientific data and literature, share their own research findings and collaborate with colleagues, achieved 150,000 unique monthly visitors to its website in September 2008.

NextBio says that since the launch of the free version of its search engine earlier this year it has served over 300,000 researchers and clinicians spanning over 200 countries.

It also offers an enterprise solution with a suite of exclusive features for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academic and governmental research institutions.

“NextBio was extremely helpful when it came time to interpret and publish our research findings,” stated Huichun Xu, MD, at the MIND Institute and Department of Neurology at the University of California at Davis.

“We uploaded results that our lab generated while studying different types of stroke. In a matter of minutes, literally, we were comparing our data to gene signatures from thousands of other experiments, collected from many data sources. The sheer content available at your fingertips is amazing. Searching for this information without NextBio would have been a huge project in and of itself.”

“Researchers at the Burnham Institute for Medical Research have been using NextBio for over a year to better understand and combine public life sciences research with our internal data,” stated Alexey Eroshkin, PhD, from the Burnham Institute for Medical Research. “During this time, the number of NextBio users at Burnham has nearly doubled, and that number continues to grow. We are enthusiastic about the upcoming product releases.”

“We have seen an explosion in the traffic on our public search engine,” said Saeid Akhtari, co-founder and CEO of NextBio. “While we continue to see strong traction among our paying pharmaceutical, academic and biotech customers for the enterprise version of our product, which includes advanced security and analytical features, the viral growth of our public site has exceeded all expectations. We are gratified that scientists all across the world are using NextBio to make new breakthrough discoveries.”

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