GE Healthcare adds M*Modal's speech understanding technology to radiology reporting

21 May 2008

GE Healthcare has announced a partnership agreement with M*Modal to integrate its advanced speech understanding solutions into GE's radiology reporting system.

The agreement will incorporate M*Modal’s advanced speech technology, AnyModal Conversational Documentation Services (CDS), as part of GE’s Centricity RIS-IC Reporting module. The solution will aim to benefit physicians and radiologists with higher process efficiency, more accurate clinical documentation and dictation without changes in workflow. In addition, the technology is designed to continually learn, so the more it is used, the more accurate it becomes.

“M*Modal’s unique speech understanding solution, AnyModal CDS, offers a unique combination of speech recognition and natural language understanding that captures a physician's meaning, transforming spoken dictation into accurate, complete, and meaningful healthcare documentation,” said Don Woodlock, Vice President and General Manager, GE Healthcare IT.

Michael Finke, CEO of M*Modal said, "Ultimately, the ability to share highly accurate, structured, encoded clinical documents improves the efficiency of healthcare providers, and better information drives improved patient care."

By combining AnyModal CDS within Centricity RIS-IC, physicians will now be able to dictate without any change in workflow. The patented speech understanding services transform the spoken dictation into a draft report, automatically structured and encoded according to the healthcare provider's documentation rules. Documents are generated in a semantically interoperable HL7 CDA format to allow for streamlined report sharing between practitioners and facilities.

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