Bridgehead Consulting completes due diligence study for Tyrell Inc

18 May 2008

Bridgehead International recently completed an independent due diligence study on Tyrell Inc. as part of a fundraising programme. Tyrell Inc. is a medical technology company focused on the development of medical devices for the treatment of skin lesions.

Comprised of experts from both the medical and consumer products industries, Tyrell develops and market new, non-prescription medical devices based on its proprietary ClearPoint Technology.

The first of these is Zeno, for over-the-counter treatment of acne. Zeno was given FDA clearance as a Class II medical device in June 2005. A CE mark in Europe was granted in 2006 and the product is also approved in Canada, Japan and a number of other Asian markets. Further products based on the ClearPoint technology are in development.

Paul Tufano, Chief Financial Officer of Tyrell said: "As an international medical device company which has launched multiple devices spanning numerous indications, we often have difficulty finding a consultancy firm that has the depth of technical expertise and market resources to assess the landscape with which we work. Our engagement of Bridgehead has proven to be very valuable to the growth and operation of our business. Their assessment of the competitive landscape, our product strategy and the intellectual property environment has driven many important changes to the way we have managed the success of our business."

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