Open access journal on urology and urologic oncology launched

15 May 2008

UroToday Inc. has launched UroToday International Journal (UIJ), a new online, peer-reviewed, fast-tracked urology and urologic oncology publication.

The uniquely targeted journal focuses on the professional global urology and urologic oncology audience. UroToday Inc. strives to elevate access to education for urology and urologic oncology professionals worldwide.

It makes the scientific information available to a wider audience than other journals, including residents, professors, physicians, scientists, and others who do not have access to a research library. No other urology journal offers this unique approach to achieve peer-review publication.

The journal's international editorial board is headed by Editor-in-Chief, Karl-Erik Andersson, MD, PhD, Professor at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University.

UroToday International Journal runs directly off of the already prominent and internationally read web platform, introduced at launch to over 55,000 professionals in urology and urologic oncology including radiation oncology.

UroToday International Journal is available at:

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