Mobilis launches compact ultrasound scanners in UK

8 May 2008

Medical equipment and services provider Mobilis Healthcare has introduced a range of low cost portable ultrasound scanners into the UK market.

These compact systems could boost the use of ultrasound diagnostics in such new applications as physiotherapy and chiropractice, as well as fuelling growth in traditional areas like cardiology, obstetrics and gynaecology.

Aimed at entry-level users and those looking at compact machines, the new Mobilis CTS3300 digital ultrasound imaging system is the starter package at £2495. The top-of-the-range CTS7700 comes complete with video storage and output, 40Gb hard drive, Windows XP operating software and optional 3D imaging, for less than £6000.

Oldham-based Mobilis Healthcare, which supplies specialist products and services to NHS trusts and the independent healthcare sector, is also offering an upgrade deal, in which it guarantees a trade-in against the next level package, allowing first-time users especially to familiarise themselves with this diagnostic imaging technique, then move up to a model with enhanced features and functionality.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of medical ultrasonography, following the landmark publication of Prof Ian Donald’s paper in The Lancet, and the worldwide equipment market is expected to exceed $5 billion, with the current trend toward compact ultrasound systems opening up fresh applications.

Thanks to faster processing speeds, hardware miniaturisation and falling prices, compact ultrasound is being increasingly employed by the allied health professions, to aid diagnosis of soft tissue and muscle injuries and provide valuable biofeedback, as well as in areas like sports medicine and university research. Smaller, more affordable systems have also enabled traditional medical disciplines to employ compact ultrasound in emergency departments and consultants’ own clinics.

“These new models are highly affordable, ergonomically-designed for complete ease of use and produce images comparable to those found in higher-end console units,” says Mobilis Business Development Manager, Rick Johnson. “There are packages to suit every budget, even for those who previously felt ultrasound was too expensive.”

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