Nonin introduces Bluetooth wireless fingertip pulse oximeter

18 April 2008

Nonin Medical, Inc. has introduced a fingertip oximeter with Bluetooth wireless technology, which it claims is a world first. The Onyx II Model 9560 fingertip pulse oximeter is designed for interoperability, meeting the requirements of the emerging Medical Device Profile (MDP) IEEE11073 and Continua compliance standards.

Wireless devices can simplify healthcare delivery by enabling patients, such as those with chronic conditions, and clinicians to easily and cost-effectively manage monitored information.

Devices such as the Onyx II Model 9560 will help patients and healthcare professionals alike. Patients who suffer from diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF) or asthma will be able to regain independence and live healthier lives. It will allow vital signs to be easily monitored by the patient and sent wirelessly through communication devices (cell phones, PDAs, PCs, etc.) creating new freedom in healthcare.

"With the rapidly rising cost of healthcare and the ever-growing strain put on healthcare facilities, there is tremendous pressure for a streamlined solution that simplifies the exchange of information and promotes patient participation," said Gary Tschautscher, President and CEO of Nonin Medical. "The integration of interoperable, Bluetooth wireless technology in health monitoring devices will provide patients and clinicians the ability to monitor vital signs with much greater ease and flexibility."

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