Valdemar Hospital establishes point-of-care testing system

17 April 2008

The Valdemar Private Hospital in Ringsted, Denmark, has invested in a point-of-care testing (POCT) service from UK company Capio Diagnostics.

The service includes remote monitoring and management of the POCT testing at the hospital from Capio Diagnostics’ POCT business based in Skipton, Yorkshire, UK.

Point of care testing (POCT) is an innovative form of testing of patient samples outside a conventional laboratory setting. It provides faster delivery times and can therefore provide a more flexible and efficient laboratory medicine service with potential for efficiencies of medical and economic outcomes within the healthcare process.

It can offer improved access for the patient, reduced clinical visits for patients, improved report turn-around time to allow a ‘one-stop shop’ and potential for efficiencies of medical and economic outcomes within the healthcare process.

Capio Diagnostics’ service offers ‘end-to-end’ connectivity with a transferable electronic diagnostics record. The solution provides network and data security with 24-hour monitoring of all connections, capture of all test data, equipment and operator information, access by the support team from any point in the world, and connection to the customer’s electronic patient records if required.

The services focus on a selected range of analysers to provide a broad menu of tests within biochemistry, haematology and microbiology. Tests include: blood gasses & electrolytes, urea & electrolytes, creatinine, glucose, HbA1c, CRP, cardiac markers, full blood count, haemoglobin, PT/INR, urine analysis (dipstix).

“The overall goal for Valdemar Private Hospital using Capio Diagnostics’ Point of Care Testing Services is to improve our patient pathway. Thanks to the co-operation with Capio Diagnostics we can now offer our patients an improved patient flow with fewer visits at the hospital says Jens Jacobsen, Director at the Valdemar Private Hospital.

“Capio Diagnostics are leaders in the field of Point of Care Testing services, offering a total solution for healthcare organisations, both public and private. At the request of the County Council of Sörmland in Sweden we currently manage a number of POCT installations in the county. We also manage 15 remote sites across the UK. I am very pleased that we now successfully have completed our first POCT installation in Denmark in cooperation with Valdemar Private Hospital said Yvonne Lech, Managing Director, Capio Diagnostics.

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