Philips and Mediguide announce clinical trials of cardiac navigation system

11 April 2008

Philips and Israeli company MediGuide have started clinical trials using the Philips Integris Allura flat detector catheterization (cath) lab integrated with MediGuide's medical positioning system (gMPS) technology and using the MediGuide gMPS-enabled guided measurement catheter (GMC).

The gMPS system and the GMC device are CE Mark certified and are limited to investigational use only in the US. The trials are being conducted in the USA in the Columbia New York Presbyterian (NYP) Hospital.

The gMPS system is intended for intravascular evaluation of coronary anatomy. It enables real time tip positioning and navigation of a gMPS-enabled (equipped with a gMPS sensor) diagnostic or therapeutic invasive device used in coronary or cardiac intervention in the cath lab environment, on both live fluoroscopy or recorded background. The system is indicated for use as an adjunct to coronary angiography.

The system is intended to be used in conjunction with conventional x-ray angiography systems to enable real-time tip positioning and navigation, quantitative length measurement, 3D lumen reconstruction, qualitative 3D foreshortening indication and landmarking, in patients who are candidates for coronary angiography and/or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

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