Smiths ambulatory infusion system gains US clearance

31 March 2008

Smiths Medical has received US clearance for its CADD-Solis ambulatory infusion system, a clinically and technologically advanced ambulatory infusion platform that enhances patient safety and personalised care for pain management patients.

Ambulatory infusion systems administer pain management medications, including narcotics, via a variety of delivery routes including intravenous and epidural. These devices have safeguards such as safety software and intuitive programming options to help clinicians care for their pain management patients.

The CADD-Solis system includes ambulatory infusion pump, medication safety software, medication cassette reservoirs and administration sets.

“Improving patient safety and the quality of care is our first priority,” said Jim Stitt, President of Smiths Medical. “By involving both clinicians and the Human Factors Engineering team at the University Health Network in Toronto in all phases of the development process, we strove to design a safe, easy-to-use system that brings exceptional value in helping hospitals reduce the risk of programming medication errors while providing better patient care management.”


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