NGC signs exclusive distribution deal for Allium stents in Italy

27 March 2008

Allium Medical Group, developer and manufacturer of non-vascular stents, has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Italian medical device distributor NGC Medical SpA for both its ureteral and biliary stents. The value of the deal was not disclosed.

Allium Medical will be exhibiting four new products based on its revolutionary stenting platform at the EAU European Association of Urology World Congress in Milan, Italy, this week (March 26-28) — ureteral; prostatic; bulbar urethral; and a bladder-neck stent.

Founded in 2001, Allium develops site-specific stents for various uses with applications in the urinary and gastro-intestinal tract. Based in the Milan area, NGC Medical is a leading distributor of medical devices with a particular focus on innovative products.

Allium completed CE Marking for its biliary and ureteral stents, and commenced distribution of its biliary stents in June 2007 in Italy, Sweden, Germany and Austria. Allium’s biliary stent was first used for transhepatic treatment by radiologists, followed by successful insertions of its endoscopic biliary stent by gastroenterologists at Santo Spirito Hospital, Casale Monferrato, under Dr Carlo Poletti; Ospedale San Giovanni Battista (Molinette), Torino, under Dr. Aldo Garbarini; and at Ospedale di Circolo e Fondazione Macchi, Varese under Prof. Giampaolo Carrafiello. Ureteral stent insertions are scheduled for mid-2008.

Dr Paolo Cremascoli, President and CEO of NGC Medical SpA, said, “NGC was the exclusive distributor in Italy of InStent Inc. which produced the UroCoil, ProstaCoil, EndoCoil, EsophaCoil, etc., a highly successful stent family also developed by Professor Daniel Yachia. We are very happy to renew our relationship in launching the new Allium Stents. Our initial sales were for first insertions at medical centres in northern Italy. Based on successful results, we are now submitting bids to make the Allium Stent widely available throughout Italy.”

Cremascoli added that NGC had signed contracts with Allium in 2006, even before the products had been awarded CE Mark, so as to ensure it had exclusive distribution rights.

Professor (Em) Daniel Yachia, MD, President, CSO and Senior Consultant (Urology) for the Allium Group, said, “NGC’s support of this new product is testament to their commitment to innovations such as Allium’s technological platform, which can be adapted to suit almost any stent-treatable site. Now, every organ can have a stent of its own.”

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