IMIX Americas launches low-cost digital radiology range in Europe

19 march 2008

IMIX Americas Inc launched its IMIX Insight line of full-featured, affordable digital radiography (DR) products in Europe at the European Congress of Radiology last week.

Based on the company’s proven detector technology, the new high-quality IMIX insight line addresses general radiography and orthopaedic imaging applications.

The IMIX insight PanoRAD is a universal, full-function DR system featuring a small footprint and innovative stand design that allow for maximum flexibility. It is aimed at imaging centres with ceiling height restrictions (down to 8-foot ceilings compared to 9-feet for other systems). The full-room PanoRAD includes a generator, detector head, and table, along with a fully motorised stand with remote control.

The product line also includes the IMIX insight NovoRAD, which offers the flexibility of a dual-detector room with just one detector. The NovoRAD includes a unique ceiling-mounted tube support, fixed four-way floating tabletop, and upright stand.

The affordable IMIX insight OrthoRAD features a straight-arm stand specifically designed for the orthopedic market. The fully functional solution features tools designed to address orthopaedic imaging needs, such as a weight-bearing platform, as well as special orthopaedic software options.

According to Smitt-Jeppesen, president and CEO of IMIX Americas, the IMIX insight systems provide exceptional value, especially for mid- to low-volume users who might not be able to support traditional expensive DR solutions, but need more functionality and better workflow than offered by analog or CR systems.

IMIX Americas is a unit of IMIX ADR, a worldwide medical technology company. IMIX’s primary manufacturing facility is in Finland, and the company has offices in the United States, China, Hong Kong, and Finland.

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