Axellis announces 'global expansion' with three acquisitions

19 March 2008

Axellis Ltd, a UK and US based medical technology company, has announced three acquisitions, which it says are part of a strategy to become a leading, global provider of specialist hardware and software solutions to optimise treatments in oncology and cardiology.

The three companies taken over are:

  • Innocure LLC, a US-based specialist developer of oncology software tools and the manufacture of a new, advanced design of compensating filters used in conjunction with linear accelerators for the delivery of intensity modulated radiation therapy.
  • Bluescope Medical Technologies Ltd, a developer of non-invasive advanced cardio-pulmonary acoustic monitoring systems used to measure cardiac and respiratory sounds, in addition to the measurement and assessment of the electrical information generated by the heart.
  • Mailling Wright Products Ltd uses digital technology to capture patient data, perform analysis in the remote design and off-site manufacture of patient-specific immobilisation devices and appliances for use in radiotherapy.

The company says that the acquisitions will enable it to access the buoyant US healthcare market which launches the development of its ambitious business plan.

Commenting on the acquisitions and the growth potential of Axellis, Trevor Stanley, CEO said: “In making these acquisitions, Axellis has quickly and clearly established itself as an emerging leader in the provision of advanced software tools to support the oncology and cardiology sectors, as well as adding an exceptional team of founder-managers.

"Not only do these businesses each have significant growth potential in their own right, but they offer tremendous synergies to rapidly grow our healthcare business through the integration of the suite of proprietary software tools, patented technologies and derived medical products now available from Axellis. These systems will become the cornerstones of Axellis’ patient-centred vision”.

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