EACTS launches International Atrial Fibrillation Registry

17 March 2008

The European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS) has announced the launch of the International Atrial Fibrillation Registry (IAFR) in association with Dendrite Clinical Systems, a UK clinical database and analysis software supplier. The IAFR is designed to capture data and report in patient outcomes following surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation.

“The goal is to collect data from across Europe to enable us to make better informed judgements on the appropriate surgical treatment approaches for the management of atrial fibrillation,” said Mr Steven Hunter, Registry Chairman, Cardiothoracic Division, The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK. “The IAFR was developed as a follow-on from the original registry that was launched in 2003 by Professor Melo.”

The key objective of the IAFR is to accumulate sufficient data to allow the publication of a comprehensive report (published by Dendrite Clinical Systems) on the outcomes following atrial fibrillation surgery. This will be achieved through the collection of data at the individual patient level, which can then be used to track individuals and groups of patients. The reports will be made freely available to all contributors.

“It is important that we gather the data to understand where, how and why these procedures are being done and what type of devices are being used, and importantly, after follow up, how effective the treatment is, “ added Mr Hunter.

“The best way to assess whether something is effective would be a randomised controlled trial. However, with so many different devices treating different lesions and having to standardise the data across so many different countries, with follow-up out to five years, to run such a trial would be near impossible. Whereas a registry with a database of thousands of patients, which can show how effective the procedures and devices are, would have a lot more weight scientifically.”

The IAFR can be accessed using a standard web browser, allowing registrants to enter data without the need to install additional software or perform any complex system configurations. This web-based system allows the individual clinician to enter patient information onto a database whether in hospital, from an office-based practice or even at home. Clinicians can add as many cases as they wish and where possible they will be encouraged to put on retrospective data (if applicable).

All data collected through the registry will remain the property of the contributing surgeon and EACTS.

Surgeons can register an interest in the IAFR via an online form at: http://iafr.e-dendrite.com.
Alternatively, email: registrationsupport@e-dendrite.com  or
phone +44 (0)1491 411 288.

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