Acceleware launches CT image reconstruction solution

11 March 2008

Acceleware Corp. (TSX-V: AXE), a developer of high-performance computer graphics processing solutions has launched the AxRecon image reconstruction solution for the medical imaging, security, and non-destructive testing markets.

The long processing time required for computed tomography (CT) image reconstruction limits throughput and quality. In order to meet the demands of their workload, users often sacrifice image quality to save on processing time.

AxRecon works with existing cone beam CT scanners to significantly speeding up filtered back projection computations. This enables medical and commercial users to accelerate the reconstruction of their data and improve the quality of their images without disrupting their current workflow.

It combines the company's proprietary software acceleration libraries with the massive parallel processing power of NVIDIA graphic processing units (GPUs) to dramatically increase the speed of sophisticated computations.  Processing time can be reduced from hours to minutes.

"Our entry into the medical and commercial imaging market space represents a significant growth opportunity for Acceleware, and is consistent with Acceleware's long-term growth strategy to tackle new markets," said Sean Krakiwsky, CEO of Acceleware.

"In biomedical micro-computed tomography applications, the volume dimensions of our reconstructions have increased dramatically over the past few years," said David Holdsworth of Robarts Imaging. "During the same period, scan times have also been reduced; this makes cone-beam CT reconstruction time the bottleneck that limits workflow in some situations. GPU-based reconstruction is a cost-effective solution for this task, and we have found that Acceleware's AxRecon product can provide 3D reconstructions up to 50 times faster than a single-CPU."

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