Egyptian Children’s Cancer Hospital chooses Cerner for health record system

7 March 2008

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation 57357 (CCHF) in Egypt has selected Cerner Corporation's Millennium solutions for its electronic health record system.

The Foundation, which is funded by donations from the people of Egypt and philanthropists from around the globe, began building the region’s first paediatric oncology hospital in one of Cairo’s oldest suburbs in 2001. The hospital opened select areas in July 2007, treating more than 500 patients in its first four months of operation. A full grand opening is scheduled for the end of 2008/early 2009.

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation 57357
The Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation 57357

When complete, the Hospital will use a complementary suite of Cerner Millennium solutions to create a unified, patient-centric health record throughout the various hospital venues.

The solutions will be used to automate nursing communication, intensive care unit operations, clinician documentation, image management, pharmacy and laboratory operations, medication administration processes, patient accounting and surgery operations. The Hospital will also use Cerner Knowledge solutions to provide clinicians with access to knowledge-based, patient-specific information.

“Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 is focused on meeting the unique needs of each child and leveraging medical findings to help children in the whole community,” said Dr Sherif Abouelnaga, Professor of paediatric oncology and VP of Academic Affairs, Research and Outreach at the Hospital. “We have partnered with Cerner to implement technology that will help us ensure safety and reliability in the delicate process of caring for paediatric cancer patients.”

“Our relationship with CCHF will help to link the findings from research and education by leveraging evidence-based care to transform clinical practice,” said Amr Mostafa, Cerner Middle East Director. “Cerner has the solutions to help the CCHF create a hospital that utilizes leading-edge technology to provide clinicians with timely and easy access to information that is critical to patient care.”

As part of the package, the hospital also will implement ElDorado Donor software from Global Med Technologies, Inc. to manage, automate and control activities associated with donors, donor collections, testing, manufacturing, inventory and distribution of blood components in blood banks and donor centres.

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