Siemens launches MR & CT innovations in UK

21 February 2008

Siemens launched its latest CT and MRI imaging products in the UK at the Science Museum in London last week.

A high-field 3T MRI system, the Magnetom Verio and an adaptable single-source CT, the Somatom Definition AS, have both been designed to offer advanced imaging functionality for routine and specialised clinical procedures at a much more viable capital cost for the UK health marketplace.

With the NHS and private diagnostic centres demanding higher throughput rates and a return on investment, the new systems are designed to meet clinical and cost expectations.

The Magnetom Verio is a 3-Tesla field strength MRI and can be used in neurology and functional neuro evaluation, orthopaedic and cartilage assessment, breast, vascular and cardiac imaging. It has a wider than normal open bore (70cm) and features Tim (total imaging matrix) in one powerful system. This offers advanced imaging capabilities with the patient’s comfort in mind. This expands the boundaries of MRI imaging as high field imaging can be offered to many patients that could not previously benefit from the technology.

The Verio is also the shortest 3T system available today and incorporates an ultra-light magnet. This reduces the capital cost from the outset and it can typically be sited in the same space as a 1.5T system. Its functionality enables higher throughput and facilitates more referral capacity, which affords imaging departments an advantage in today’s competitive environment.

The Somatom Definition AS and Definition AS+ break with the normal conventions of CT as the world’s first adaptive scanners. This simply means they can adapt to any patient or clinical need in routine diagnostic work and complex examinations including cardiology, neurology and oncology.

The SOMATOM Definition AS

The functionality of the Somatom Definition AS combines an adaptive dose shield, which blocks unnecessary radiation thus ensuring the patient is only exposed to clinically relevant dose; a scan length of up to 200cm and a 78cm gantry opening all resulting in fast and problem-free head-to-foot scanning. The Definition AS is also a future-proof option for departments as the detector is modular in design, allowing for in-room slice upgrades if budget isn’t immediately available. This simplifies the upgrade process avoiding the disruption and expense of replacing a whole unit.

The Definition AS+ takes functionality further, combining extremely fast coverage with up to 128 slices per rotation whilst maintaining delivery of crystal-clear images, free from movement artefacts and showing the finest anatomical details. It also takes cardiac imaging into a new league offering an unequalled high temporal resolution of up to 150 ms; and introduces a new Adaptive 4D-Spiral enabling functional studies to be performed over entire organs.

Both configurations ensure high quality and cost efficient healthcare. This helps with patient throughput and delivers crisp images for accurate clinical diagnosis whilst sitting comfortably inside department budgets.

“The development of CT and MRI technology has moved on at great pace since its adoption into mainstream health procedures in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These technologies are now the norm for clinical professionals in determining rapid diagnosis and assisting in answering the vital questions of life,” states Peter Harrison, Director of Imaging & Oncology Systems at Siemens.

“Siemens has always been at the forefront of innovation and engineering excellence and these new world-class MRI and CT systems have been carefully developed to embrace the 21st century diagnostic needs of the UK health service at an investment level that isn’t futuristic.”

Charing Cross Hospital has recently placed the first UK order of the Magnetom Verio 3T via the NHS Supply Chain. The first order of the Somatom Definition AS has also been confirmed in the UK by Spire Healthcare. Further institutions are also expected to embrace the new innovations in the next few weeks.

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