Leica Microsystems acquires Cell Analysis and Life Optics

15 February 2008

Leica Microsystems has acquired Chicago-based company Cell Analysis Inc. at the end of 2007. Cell Analysis develops imaging software which Leica Microsystems’ Biosystems Division will adapt to its product portfolio to support the work of its pathology customers.

The Cell Analysis software system quantifies staining in tumour cells, enabling pathologists to make precise diagnoses. This imaging software is used with a microscope in the histopathological workflow following advanced staining, for instance, by the Leica Bond system. The software was developed by two pathologists working closely with the Cell Analysis CEO.

In January, Leica purchased the assets of Vienna-based Life Optics, a developer, producer and marketer of head-mounted optical systems. The acquisition also includes the worldwide intellectual property rights. Leica Microsystems will manage this product group out of its Heerbrugg, Switzerland facility.

These head-mounted optical systems are designed specifically for use in surgery and dentistry. “This new product, which the surgeon puts on like a large pair of spectacles, serves as a fast, flexible, and easily adjusted microscope and is an excellent addition to our current product portfolio,” said Herbert Stüttler, Head of Leica Microsystems’ Surgical Division in Heerbrugg.

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