Call for European transnational research proposals in nanoscience

5 February 2008

Nanoscience Europe (NanoSci-E+) has announced a call for proposals for nanoscience research funding in Europe.

Proposals must include organisations from at least three qualifying European countries (Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom).

A minimum of €16m will be distributed for the funding of high-quality projects, possibly complemented by an additional €8m (subject to contract with the European Commission). Projects will be funded for up to three years from 1 January 2009.

Letters of Intent must be submitted online at by 27 March 2008, and full proposals by 23 July 2008.

Proposals are limited to ground-breaking nanotechnology research projects that address the issue of interfacing functional nano-objects or nano-materials.

The aim of this Call is to enable scientists working in nanoscience in different countries in the ERA to build an effective collaboration on a common research project based on ambitious and original ideas at the frontier of knowledge.

More information is available at: 
The official announcement can be downloaded as a PDF file from:

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