Medical Simulation Corporation sets up medical skills training suite in Germany

30 January 2008

Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC) has entered into an agreement with CardioSkills Company, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany to provide an interventional skills training experience for physicians and their staff through the use of simulation education. Training experiences range from basic to complex procedures.

CardioSkills is an independent and specialized training institution for healthcare professionals involved in the field of endovascular medicine. CardioSkills offers state-of-the-art simulator training to update professional skills in addition to the traditional clinical educational programs.

Bill Younkes, MSC Chief Executive Officer and President said, "Our objective in Europe is to serve the medical community with superior training and to partner with societies in studies of simulation while maintaining the integrity of our education approach. Our partnership with CardioSkills represents a significant milestone in MSC's global expansion efforts."

The CardioSkills SimSuite is the second SimSuite that MSC has opened in Europe, with the first located at the Flanders Medical Research Program headquartered in Dendermonde, Belgium.

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