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Kjaya Medical announces service for distributing high-volume digital CT images

6 December 2007

Kjaya Medical has announced new managed services that combine powerful graphics processing units, computer hardware and proprietary software that allows quick distribution of CT images via standard high speed internet.

The demand from radiologists to view high quality interactive multi-planar and 3D reconstructed high volume medical images quickly, at anytime, anywhere, is being hindered by inadequate infrastructure.

64-slice CT scanners produce up to 5000 axial images and roughly 2.5GB of data from a single scan. This represents a 300% increase in data output from previous 16-slice CT scanner models. Larger 128 and 256-slice prototypes are already being built and tested. Image acquisition technology is currently outpacing medical imaging technology providers' ability to manage and view the resulting data, creating an immediate need for new and innovative technology.

Kjaya Medical provides the combination of its Xcell Advanced Server hardware, a powerful server class hardware platform, and Volumina Software, A revolutionary new way to quickly and accurately view and diagnose interactive multi-planar and 3D reconstructed high volume medical images, to medical imaging technology providers as a managed service.

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