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Elekta launches compact linear accelerator

26 September 2007

Elekta has unveiled the Elekta Compact, a linear accelerators with a single low-energy photon beam and a small footprint, designed for use in a small treatment room and in specialized markets.

The design makes it more accessible to a wider range of healthcare providers. "With the addition of Elekta Compact to our product portfolio, Elekta is now a provider of linear accelerators across the full spectrum of price and performance specifications," said Elekta President and CEO Tomas Puusepp.

"For former Cobalt users who want a simple linear accelerator that is a 'workhorse' in providing cancer treatment with fewer complications, Elekta Compact can fill a treatment room that might otherwise lay empty," says Olof Sanden, Executive Vice President, Elekta, Europe.

The system has an interface to allow the output of treatment parameters to external record-and-verify systems such as the MOSAIQ system provided by Elekta. It also has various upgrade paths.

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