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im3D's CAD-Colon diagnostic system deployed in hospitals across Italy

12 September 2007

Torino, Italy. im3D Medical Imaging Lab, a research centre based in Torino, Italy has installed its CAD-Colon diagnostic system in thirteen healthcare facilities throughout Italy. The system, which is the centre's first commercial product, is being used to support medical specialists in the early diagnosis and prevention of colorectal tumours.

CAD-Colon is a fast, intuitive and accurate diagnostic system that utilizes CT scans of a patient's abdomen and pelvis to create a 3-D model of the patient's colon in which suspect areas are automatically identified and highlighted. Thanks to its powerful identification algorithms which detect suspect areas in an accurate, simple and user-friendly way, CAD-Colon can assist the radiologist increase diagnostic accuracy and reduce the overall reading time.

CAD-Colon is the result of over 5 years of multidisciplinary research conducted in Italy by im3D – Medical Imaging Lab, with contributions from clinical partners, including the Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment (Candiio) and the ISI Foundation — Institute for Scientific Interchange (Torino). The system is primarily used as a prevention test in at-risk patients (family history of colon cancer), as a follow-up tool for examining post-op patients, and as a training system for the continuing education and formation of young specialists. CAD-Colon also supports endoscopic probing for polyp removal and is a viable alternative in cases when endoscopies are not feasible due to occlusions or malformations.

Colon cancer is the second largest cause of cancer-related deaths in the western world in both males (after lung cancer) and females (after breast cancer). The characteristics of this disease (family history/familial, absence of symptoms and increased risk for patients over 50) make prevention the most important weapon for hindering the onset of colorectal cancer in medium-to-high risk patients.

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