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RaySearch Laboratories to develop radiotherapy software for Varian

15 May 2007

Stockholm, Sweden. Varian Medical Systems and RaySearch Laboratories (STO:RAYB) have signed a long-term strategic collaboration agreement in which RaySearch will develop advanced radiation therapy treatment planning software for integration into Varian’s Eclipse treatment planning system.

The collaboration involves developing a number of components, including radiobiological optimization software, aimed at improving radiation treatments. The first of these components is expected to be made available to clinicians within the next year as part of Varian’s Eclipse treatment planning system, which offers advanced software for the planning of radiation oncology treatments.

Radiobiological optimization enables clinicians to use biological models such as probabilities relating to tumour control and normal tissue complication rates in different parts of the body, to optimize a treatment plan. This is different from more conventional approaches that use standard dose prescriptions, which are surrogates for outcomes, and less personalized to the patient’s specific disease and anatomy.

“We are extremely excited about beginning a relationship with the world leader in radiotherapy treatment,” says Johan Löf, president and chief executive officer of RaySearch. “The collaboration will permit us to offer a number of treatment planning solutions to Varian’s large installed base of customers. “Using biological models further enhances our ability to design treatments that eradicate the tumour while minimizing side effects.”

Jeff Amacker, director of Varian’s treatment planning software business, adds, “RaySearch has developed some truly innovative solutions for advanced radiation therapy planning and radiobiological optimization and we look forward to making these capabilities available to our Eclipse customers.”

The Varian-RaySearch collaboration agreement involves radiobiological evaluation and radiobiological optimization of treatment plans for standard photon/electron radiotherapy, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and proton therapy, as well as optimization of conventional 3-D CRT. The products will be seamlessly integrated into the Eclipse package.

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