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GE Healthcare launches laptop-sized ultrasound system for women's healthcare

12 May 2007

San Diego, USA. GE Healthcare has launched the Voluson e system, a compact ultrasound system designed specifically for women’s healthcare, including obstetric, gynaecological, and other clinical applications.

The Voluson e ultrasound systemThe Voluson e is specifically designed for labour and delivery, gynaecological exams and studies and assisted reproductive medicine. It can provide high-quality imaging at the patient bedside and for community clinics, where space constraints are possible. This new compact system, weighing 11 pounds, allows clinicians to make real-time diagnoses, particularly for high-risk patients.

According to Omar Ishrak, president and CEO of GE Healthcare’s Clinical Systems business, there is a need for more specialized, high-quality point-of-care systems to meet the growing demands for on-the-spot diagnosis. “The Voluson e and Voluson i address one of the biggest challenges OB/GYN physicians face in caring for their high-risk patients — access to complete, real-time information that allows them to make clinical decisions at the patient’s bedside with confidence,” Ishrak said.

GE has also recently launched ViewPoint 2007 a comprehensive ultrasound data management solution for OB/GYN practices. It combines reporting and image archiving, while aiding clinicians in making their ultrasound workflow quicker and easier.

Features of ViewPoint 2007 that help improve workflow include image comparison and integrated 4D View version 6.0 for post processing of Voluson E8 and Voluson 730 images. Reporting improvements include the foetal anatomy overview and a single foetal anatomy report screen based on AIUM guidelines for extended second trimester foetal scan. Other improvements included in ViewPoint 2007 are enhanced document management, PDF export and improved document history functionality.

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