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Siemens' Axiom Aristos VX Plus allows easier entry into digital radiography

28 November 2006

Siemens has introduced an X-ray system equipped with a flat detector, the Axiom Aristos VX Plus, that facilitates entry into fully digital radiography. The system meets nearly all clinical requirements and amortizes within a short period of time.

As compared to other systems working with film or memory foil, fully digital X-ray systems as the Axiom Aristos VX Plus drastically reduces the number of work steps. The workflow in the hospital or private practice is greatly optimized, resulting in higher patient throughput.

The Axiom Aristos VX Plus
It is possible to x-ray the patient with the Axiom Aristos VX Plus in lying, standing and sitting position. At the same time pictures of every part of the body can be produced.

The basic variation consists of a ceiling-mounted X-ray tube and a floor-mounted stand with a swiveling flat detector. Optionally, the user has a choice of two movable patient tables. Patients can be transported on the table into the examination room and moved across the detector. Subsequently, the X-ray tube is positioned and followed by radiation release. Whether the patient is standing, lying down or sitting in a wheelchair, whether exposures are taken of the thorax or the extremities, the Axiom Aristos VX Plus proves its flexibility.

While conventional X-ray exposures involve costs for film and chemicals, flat detectors do not incur additional costs — similar to digital photography. The control image appears within seconds on the monitor. And since flat detectors compensate for incorrect exposures, repeat exposures are usually not necessary. Each examination therefore contributes toward amortization of the investment costs.

The patient profits from the new system as well. Repositioning is a thing of the past, the wait and examination times are reduced and radiation exposures are shorter. As compared to X-ray film, the detector works with half the dose — without loss in image quality which is outstanding with Axiom Aristos VX Plus: 9 million pixels, 3.5 Lp/mm high resolution, and a 43 cm x 43 cm surface characterize the detector. In addition, DiamondView, a multiscale method for image reconstruction, increases detail contrast and reduces noise.
Also, the optional Ortho package provides the possibility of combining up to four exposures of the legs or spine into an overall image.

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