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Whittington Hospital imaging department equipped by £30m managed-service contract

27 November 2006

The Whittington Hospital in North London has opened a new state-of-the-art Imaging Department. The fully digital department has been designed and developed by Asteral as part of a £30 million 15-year standalone Managed Equipment Service (MES) contract.

The new Imaging Department includes six Philips Digital Radiography rooms; a 64 slice Siemens CT Scanner; a Philips Achieva 1.5T MRI Scanner; a GE Infinia Gamma Camera; six Philips ultrasound units; three Mobile C-arm Image Intensifiers and an Xograph digital dental unit. The equipment integrates with the Trust’s existing RIS and PACS. A further CT Scanner and Interventional Theatre Suite will be installed into The Whittington Hospital by Asteral in 2007.

The contract covered procurement of equipment, bespoke room development, installation and training of staff. The terms of the contract also cover ongoing equipment maintenance, training and equipment replacement programmes.

“A secure investment plan, an integral part of a long-term MES contract, represented a realistic opportunity in the present financial environment to ensure that state-of-the-art equipment is continually updated and refreshed,” said Dr David Grant, Consultant Radiologist at The Whittington Hospital. “This approach ensures that access to modern and well-maintained equipment is kept constant and that nothing passes its agreed replacement age. This is a huge advantage in maintaining the standard of clinical care.”

“We are delighted that The Whittington Hospital’s Imaging Department has gone live,” said David Rolfe, Managing Director of Asteral. “With technology concerns now Asteral’s responsibility, the Trust’s staff and clinicians can all focus exclusively on patient care.”

In addition to the new radiology equipment, the Imaging Department has also opened with a unique patient waiting bleep system in place. Upon booking into the department each patient is given a bleeper to call them back when their examination slot is available. This reduces the number of people waiting in the department and helps to eliminate patient anxiety by giving them freedom to visit the shops and cafés inside the hospital building without the risk of missing their appointment.

Asteral is the leading vendor-independent Managed Equipment Service provider to the NHS. Its unique concept of matching the needs of hospitals to the technology solutions available in the market, regardless of vendor, eliminates bias and ensures the widest possible clinical equipment choice.

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