Ultrasound detection of emboli in blood stream

29 June 2006

Luna Innovations Incorporated (Nasdaq: LUNA) has developed a device that uses quantitative ultrasound technology to non-invasively count emboli in the blood stream.

The Luna EDAC (embolus detection and classification) Quantifier system uses missile-tracking algorithms to analyse ultrasound data to detect individual microemboli in the blood at rates up to 1000 per second.

The system is designed to provide cardiothoracic surgeons, perfusionists and anaesthesiologists with an accurate rate of emboli in the blood circuit.

Emboli can be air bubbles or solid matter (eg lipid, blood clot) and can enter the blood circuit during critical and invasive medical procedures such as a cardio pulmonary bypass surgery. Emboli can be dangerous causing neurological or neuropsychological postoperative deficits and in some cases fatalities.

The initial release of the EDAC Quantifier system was launched in May at Outcomes 2006 in Key West, Florida and is "for investigational use only." Luna is currently accepting orders for research and exploration purposes.

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