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Italian National Cancer Institute chooses Ablatherm-HIFU to treat prostate cancer

23 May 2006

Lyon, France. The Italian National Cancer Institute, Centro Referimento Oncologico (CRO), in cooperation with Pordenone Hospital in Aviano has chosen the Ablatherm-HIFU technology from EDAP TMS S.A. (NASDAQ:EDAP) for the treatment of prostate cancer.

CRO is one of the largest oncology centers in Italy and represents a cooperative approach between radiotherapists, oncologists and urologists in the treatment of prostate cancer. The centre will be using the Ablatherm-HIFU unit on EDAP's revenue per procedure (RPP) model.

Ablatherm-HIFU technology was selected after an extensive review of clinical data demonstrating its best-in-class technology and consistent clinical follow-up. During a symposium event at the recent 2006 European Association of Urology Congress in Paris, Professor U. Tirelli of CRO described the reasons for electing to pursue Ablatherm-HIFU as a therapeutic offering.

Pr. Tirelli's presentation indicated Ablatherm-HIFU represents a future non-invasive gold standard in treating non-surgical patients with localized prostate cancer and is possibly today the best solution for salvage treatment of patients suffering a recurrence following radiation failure. The centre's evaluations also concluded that Ablatherm-HIFU represented a very safe therapeutic approach without the common side effects observed after surgery and radiation.

Professor Tirelli stated, "Medical oncologists are often seen as arbitrators between surgical and radiotherapy options for patients with localized prostate cancer. Ablatherm-HIFU is a very attractive approach in many cases due to solid results and low side effects as clearly demonstrated in the medical studies done to date.

"At our cancer institution, both surgeons and radiotherapists are concordant for the introduction of HIFU in the management of our patients with localized, locally advanced and locally recurrent prostate cancer. With more than half of patients diagnosed over the age of 70, which frequently excludes them from surgical options, and additional patients wishing to avoid surgery or radiation, Ablatherm-HIFU represents an important therapeutic tool.

"Ablatherm-HIFU also now offers a new gold standard in the treatment of patients who failed radiation therapy as it offers a curative approach with strong efficacy and low side effects compared to current therapies. We believe urologists and their patients will be attracted to our center in performing treatment due to this new and uniquely beneficial offering."

"We are pleased to begin offering service at such an important center," said Sergio Pontecorvi, General Manager of EDAP Technomed Italy. "CRO has done an extensive evaluation of HIFU technology and concluded the Ablatherm- HIFU is the strongest device in the treatment of localized prostate cancer due to its extensive clinical experience now stretching over 10 years.

"We are pleased to learn of their desire to offer Ablatherm-HIFU as a new gold standard in not only non-invasive treatment of localized prostate cancer, but also in the treatment of locally recurrent prostate cancer. By offering Ablatherm-HIFU therapy in their treatment mix, the center at Aviano will be able to attract a larger number of patients seeking its uniquely minimal impact on their quality of life.

"We believe this desire coupled with the readily accessible revenue per procedure model will allow us to reach a broader number of patients in the future."

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