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NDI Medical forms business unit to promote neurostimulation products

27 February 2006

Ohio, USA. NDI Medical, manufacturer of neurostimulation products for the medical device industry, has formed a new business unit to help companies and researchers develop and market neurostimulation products for neurological and cardiac applications that use implantable pulse generator (IPG) technology.

The company's new wireless, rechargeable IPG, the Micropulse, sits at the core of the Micropulse Business Unit. The company claims that it is the smallest device of its kind available to companies and researchers developing neurostimulation products.

"The Micropulse IPG can be customized to achieve the clinical, therapeutic and business objectives of our customers," said Richard P. Kuntz, the General Manager of the business unit.

"The Micropulse technology platform is a complete neurostimulation system, including the IPG, implantable leads, surgical delivery tools and devices to program and control the IPG," Kuntz said.

Neurostimulation is being used increasingly by clinicians to treat a variety of medical problems, including pain management, cardiac therapies, obesity management, mental disorders, respiratory illnesses, pelvic healthcare, and paralysis.

The Micropulse Business Unit is working with several customers that sought to accelerate and enhance the development of their neurostimulation products, according to Geoffrey Thrope, President and CEO of NDI Medical.

Thrope said NDI Medical is exploring opportunities with start-up neurostimulation companies; medical device companies pursuing the neurostimulation market; neurostimulation researchers and clinicians; and neurostimulation companies seeking product advancements.

NDI Medical hired Kuntz, a 15-year medical device industry veteran, last year to head its new business unit. He previously was vice president of operations for Cyberonics, Inc. and Northstar Neuroscience, Inc. and has worked for Johnson & Johnson's subsidiary Codman & Shurtleff, Inc. and Spacelab Medical, Inc.

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