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Radiology Academy opened in Norwich

24 February 2006

The new Norwich Radiology Academy was opened on 16 February. It is one of only three such institutions in the UK (the others are in Leeds and Plymouth) that have been specially created to help increase the number of qualified radiologists in the country.

The Norwich Radiology AcademyThe Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is already leading the way in Radiology (interpreting X-ray, MRI and CT scans) using a computer-based digital imaging system that has done away with X-ray film.

The first 10 trainees have already embarked on a five-year training programme at the new Academy, using state-of-the-art equipment linked electronically to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and to other academic institutions. The trainees are also the first in the country to use fully integrated voice recognition software to report their findings.

Professor Janet Husband, President of the Royal College of Radiologists, commented: “The Royal College of Radiologists has led the development of the Radiology Integrated Training Initiative (R-ITI) over the past three years jointly with the Department of Health (DH), and we are delighted to be involved, together with the Department. in the official launch of the R-ITI academies.

This initiative offers a genuinely integrated approach, combining modern methods and technology with the highest standard of traditional teaching to create new ways of training. At a time when there are not enough radiologists in training in the UK to meet the clinical need, this new approach is vital, as it will allow more trainees than ever before to enter the profession.”

Dr Denton said: "The facilities we have here for digital imaging are among the best in Europe and, in tandem with the skills and knowledge of our staff, we are delighted that the Royal College of Radiologists and the Department of Health chose Norwich as home to one of the new Radiology Academies."

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