Definiens launches automated image analyser for cell-based assays

10 February 2006

Munich, Germany.  Definiens AG,  developer of intelligent image analysis solutions for remote sensing, has launched Cellenger, its first automated Multivariate Image Analysis (MVA) system for cell-based assays.

The company claims Cellenger represents a new generation of intelligent applications for cellular image analysis. It is a set of workflow tools and modular image analysis components which, when combined with any of the Definiens Enterprise Client Applications, provides a complete system for working with cell-based assays. It can be adopted simultaneously in multiple environments to augment the workflow from a single user to a multiple users in an enterprise wide environment.

In comparison to other conventional pixel-based technology, Cellenger uses its novel object-oriented, context-based, hierarchical network process to analyze images. It improves safety through reduction in attrition rate and liability risk, identifies more lead compounds with higher quality by delivering consistent and quality results in shorter time and at lower cost.

Initially focusing on earth observation/remote sensing by analysing satellite and aerial images with its novel techniques, Definiens moved into developing image-analysis solutions to accelerate the drug discovery and development, and diagnostics processes in life sciences.

"We are very excited to introduce our first Enterprise Image Intelligence Application to the market. With Cellenger MVA both experts and non-experts can equally access and utilize the power of Definiens image analysis technology at their finger tips. Cellenger MVA's multivariate and modular approach takes image analysis away from today's limitations and opens a new door in the assessment of safety and toxicity of therapeutic candidates, for example a cell body can be detected automatically without the presence of a nucleus", says Thomas Heydler, President and CEO of Definiens, AG.

"Definiens Cellenger software for MVA incorporates the essential tools for scientists doing high content image analysis. By using object-oriented image analysis, the software provides elegant solutions to complex image analysis problems. Development of image analysis protocols through the use of tunable modules, while maintaining the possibility to also write your own customized algorithms, enables both intermediate users and experts to benefit from the software." Says Arne Heydorn, Senior Scientist at BioImage, A/S.

The worldwide shipping of Cellenger MVA is planned to start in the second quarter of 2006.

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