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Philips introduces two patient-monitor ranges

7 February 2006

Royal Philips Electronics has announced two new ranges of patient monitors. The SureSigns VM Series for flexible care and in-hospital transport monitoring and the Avalon line of obstetrical care foetal and maternal monitors.

Bill Putnam, general manager of low acuity monitoring, patient monitoring, for Philips Medical Systems said: "The SureSigns VM Series monitors provide clinicians with reliable, easy-to-use monitoring capabilities for a wide range of lower acuity clinical care settings. From spot-checking vital signs to continuous monitoring during sedation, SureSigns VM Series monitors are designed around the way clinicians care for patients, with industry-leading parameters, intuitive operation and the Philips commitment to quality and service."

The series has a comfortable handle, lightweight design, and an integrated bed rail hanger on the VM6 and VM8 models. They also come as standard with a four-hour lithium ion battery, eliminating battery and charging problems common to low acuity monitors that use other battery technologies.

The Avalon FM20 antepartum and Avalon FM30 intrapartum series of patient monitors are built on Philips' industry-leading IntelliVue patient monitoring platform. They have enhanced functionality and documentation capabilities in a compact, ergonomic, and easy-to-use product. Both models can be used to monitor multiple births, with advanced features that include high-quality ultrasound tracing and cross channel verification, a Philips safety feature that reduces the risk of confusing maternal and foetal heart rate signals.

They integrate monitoring of maternal blood pressure and pulse rate with measurement of multiple fetal heart rates and uterine activity. The Avalon FM30 covers patients from the onset of contractions through the final stages of delivery with its full set of external and internal fetal parameters, such as fetal heart rate via ultrasound or direct fetal ECG, and internal and external uterine activity. It also provides maternal monitoring capabilities such as non-invasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry, ECG and heart rate.

New high-performance functionality includes the capability to monitor triplets (not available in the U.S.) with high-quality three-channel ultrasound tracing and coincidence detection between all heart rate channels. Data from the monitors can be automatically transmitted to the Philips OB TraceVue obstetrical information system for comprehensive information management across the obstetrical care continuum, from the beginning of pregnancy to postpartum visits across multiple pregnancies.

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