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Agfa PACS training courses endorsed

3 February 2006

Brentford, UK. Agfa has received College of Radiographers CPD endorsement for three of their training courses for picture archiving and communications systems: introduction to PACS & CR technology; advanced CR; and QA (quality assurance) for CR. The accreditation is valid for two years, after which each course will be reassessed.

The introduction to PACS & CR technology study day provides a foundation for radiographers. The day includes a presentation and an interactive session on CR and PACS workflow versus conventional workflow, as well as a presentation on CR radiographic technique and a practical introduction to Agfa CR software. It also includes a presentation and discussion on the benefits and unique features of PACS.

The quality assurance for CR course is designed to improve delegates’ knowledge of CR and to provide them with detailed information on acceptance testing, quality assurance and dose monitoring of an Agfa CR system. This study day includes presentations on CR image formation, dose monitoring software, monitor set-up and CR artefacts. It also includes a presentation and practical session on QA tests with non-Agfa software and Agfa Auto QC software, as well as an interactive session on setting up a departmental QA programme.

The advanced CR course is a well-structured study day designed to help radiographers develop an advanced knowledge of CR theory and a practical understanding of the process of CR image evaluation and configuration. The course includes a presentation on CR image processing, a presentation and exercises on CR system configuration, and a critical evaluation of CR images.

Courses are held at Brentford and Leeds, England and cost £220 + VAT each.

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