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Four TomoTherapy Systems for German universities

31 January 2006

Madison, Wis., USA. The German Research Association (DFG) plans to install four TomoTherapy Hi-Art Systems in major universities in Germany later this year. The units have been chosen for Charite Berlin, the University Clinic Essen, the University Clinic Heidelberg, and the Clinic of the Technical University Munich Rechts der Isar. DFG anticipates the first sites may begin treating patients in the second half of 2006.

The TomoTherapy Hi-Art system is a new treatment that combines on-board CT imaging with conformal radiation therapy to provide high precision in the treatment of cancer patients.

Jack Reese, TomoTherapy Director of European Sales, says it is unprecedented for a new technology to be adopted so quickly in this market. "History tells us that it is difficult to penetrate these major academic centres. In this case, history is not always an accurate predictor of future behaviour. We have penetrated four key university sites in less than 10 months; a task that usually takes over two years. It is a sign of the significant change that TomoTherapy brings to this region and future patients."

Dr. Fred Robertson, TomoTherapy Chief Executive Officer, said this trend to permeate new markets will continue. "We have a market that is at least 50% outside of the United States. In the year ahead, I envision that half of our orders will come in Europe and Asia. We expect our growth to mirror growth opportunities in the global markets."

TomoTherapy currently maintains distribution systems in the United Kingdom, Benelux, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany.

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