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RISO receives first twinned TomoTherapy systems in Netherlands

28 January 2006

The Radiotherapeutisch Instituut Stedendriehoek en Omstreken (RISO), in Deventer, Netherlands will receive two twinned TomoTherapy Hi·Art Systems systems to provide advanced radiation therapy treatment. The new Systems will be placed in the radiotherapy institute's new building currently under construction in “the Rielerenk”, located in Deventer.

Jack Reese, TomoTherapy Director of European Sales, commented, “The acquisition by RISO of two Hi·Art Systems for their new centre in Deventer marks a turning point in cancer patient care. Beyond providing exceptional treatment, twinned systems will allow patients to be easily moved from one machine to the other depending on scheduling needs. Twinning the systems will provide economic benefits to the radiotherapy clinic.” The twinned systems will be used to develop the protocols and tools to treat patients on multiple machines.

Dr JJFM Immerzeel, RISO President & Radiation Oncologist, and his staff will be working with TomoTherapy to perfect the process. The emphasis will be on efficient utilization of the equipment. RISO is the first centre to receive a set of TomoTherapy twinned systems.

RISO will be the first radiation oncology centre to offer TomoTherapy’s treatment to patients in the Netherlands. Delivery is planned for early 2006.

About RISO

RISO is an autonomous centre for Radiation Oncology with about 80 employees, serving the regional hospitals in Deventer, Apeldoorn, Zutphen and Coevorden-Hardenberg. RISO`s mission is to offer safe radiotherapeutic care of high quality by employing modern techniques and equipment. In addition to equipment for external irradiation, RISO has at its disposal an apparatus for Brachytherapy, the treatment of prostate cancer being one of the spear points.


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